Kattinge Gathering

Dear musicians, dancers and other Oldtime fans.

Finally this year’s big oldtime event in Denmark approaches.

The Kattinge Gathering 2016

True to tradition the event will take place at Kattinge Værk, and is held 9th-11th September.

It is a weekend where we cultivate our love for music and dancing and are inspired and learn from each other.


Registration is easiest done by using this form (Danish language skill, or translation required).
Otherwise contact DAFF at daff@oldtime.dk

Registration deadline: 22 August 2015

Practical Information:

Kattinge Værk has 58 beds. Its bunk beds in 4-6 person rooms. There are shared showers.
Bring your own sleeping bags og bedding.

The concept behind the gathering and the fair prices are maintained because people buy their beverages at the bar and chip in with a chore or two.

You can perform at the small concert. Max three tunes/songs. Remember to write your name on Steen’s signup sheet.

Kattinge Værk
Boserupvej 150
4000 Roskilde

Located north-west of Roskilde. There are busses from Roskilde Station.
Contact DAFF for questions og problems related to transport