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 All weekend: 600 Dkr Friday Evening (jam and evening meal) 125 Dkr Spend the night friday-saturday (incl. brunch) 150 Dkr All Saturday: 400kr Saturday 12-17 (Lunch and afternoon coffee and cake) 150 Dkr Saturday 17-20 (Dinner and dessert) 125 Dkr Saturday 20- ?? (jam and evening meal) 125 Dkr Spend the night saturday-sunday (incl. brunch) 150 Dkr

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DAFF II v/Tobias Enevoldsen, Colbjørnsensgade 33 5th. 1652 København V
Arbejdernes Landsbank – Reg.nr. 5301 – Konto. nr. 0426893


PayPal to: daff@oldtime.dk (only for people without a Danish bank account)
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Does neither payment option work for you then contact: DAFF: daff@oldtime.dk.

Do you want to help clean up sunday?
(From 12 noon. It takes about an hour and only concerns light cleaning and tidying up. You will be free from halping with any tasks during the weekend.
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