DAFF, Danish American Folk Music Association, has activities relating to traditional American folk music – mostly oldtime music.

Our main event is an annual gathering in September/october at Kattinge Værk. Located in beautiful surroundings near Roskilde. Musicians and dancers of all levels are welcome.

We also host a jamweekend in May/June. This is at a private home, so it’s only for members of DAFF. But you are welcomed to join.


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  1. Hello, I’m an American folk musician living in Berlin and playing old time, bluegrass and other kinds of music. I just met someone who asked me if I could come to Denmark to teach workshops in banjo and fiddle. I told him I would be happy to but where could I have workshops and who could help me organize them and bring people to them? So he told me about this group and said I should make contact. I’m very interested to know if you ever host workshops or concerts from people outside of Denmark. I’m experienced in teaching lessons and workshops and I perform solo and with different groups. I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Hello,
    Please let us know the dates for the gathering at Kattinge Værk this year

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